Family Ministry

God designed Hope Lutheran Church to shine the light of Jesus. And God designed families to nurture the hearts of children. But something can happen in the hearts of children when our church and your family partner together. Because we believe that two combined influences make an even greater impact than two separate influences.

Our church has an average of 40 hours to invest in a child’s heart and life in a year. While parents have an average of 3000 hours to invest in their child in a year. Imagine if we partnered together to make that time matter even more.

Your family has the most potential to influence a child’s relationship with God. Our church has the most potential to influence your family. So, the potential to influence a child dramatically increases when we partner together. Our church’s influence is temporary but yours is lifelong.

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See the resource links below to view how you can leverage your time to influence the life and faith of your child. 

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