Elementary School

This Fall, Hope Lutheran Kids is launching 252 Kids Sunday School! 252 Kids is a large group/small group program for children in grades 4K-5. 252 Kids places a high emphasis on teaching children how to live. To do this, Bible stories are clustered around monthly “Life Apps”. Everything taught is based on one of three basic, but powerful, truths modeled by Jesus in Luke 2:52:

 I need to make the wise choice (wisdom)

 I can trust God no matter what (faith)

 I should treat others the way I want to be treated (friendship)

252 Kids Sunday school exudes fun and will work hard to ensure that everything is engaging and relevant!

Our Teachers:

Kindergarten: Sarah Heisler, Amie Leistikow

1st Grade: Aileen Andrews, Julie Jansen

2nd Grade: Jeanette Boda, Paula Schultz

3rd Grade: Julie Schelk, April Vermillion

4th Grade: Debbie Schmitz

5th Grade: Bonnie Harmsen

We hope you will join us on Sunday mornings from 9:10-10:25 a.m. Be sure to visit our Facebook page.

Contact Alex Cargin (Director of Youth & Education) at: acargin@lifeathope.org for more information.


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