Red Letter Challenge

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Do you have what it takes to follow Jesus?

The Red Letter Challenge is a 40-day discipleship challenge.  In the Red Letter Challenge, you will be introduced, through the words of Jesus, to the five main principles of being a disciple.

If you are tired of just checking religious boxes, if you know that you were made for something more, and if you want to make a greater difference in this world, the Red Letter Challenge is for you!

The 40 day Red Letter Challenge kickoff will be on Oct 13th, and we would love for you to join us.  Pick up your books in the Narthex between Sunday services. 

We also invite you to connect with others participating in the challenge through small group meetings, online discussions or with a challenge partner.  

Please contact us at for more information. 




Led by Alex Cargin.


Led by Sandy Clayton


Led by Bob Mengert




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